Wine Review | Alberese Rosso Toscano 2019 Fattoria di Sammontana

Imported by Nicolas Pearce Wines, Toronto, Ontario

This wine spoke to me. From the looks of her, I knew that she would have a lot to say. At first glance, she had dark features and a distinct richness to her ruby core, ringed by a vibrant magenta rim. She appeared to have stewed in a bath of grape skins — the colour seeped into the pressed juice, now staining the bowl of my glass. A youthful 2019, yet a self-assured Tuscan beauty, she was part Sangiovese, and part Trebbiano — a fusion of the famed black grape derived from Chianti, infused with the high-acid and neutral palate of the white varietal. Together, they created a light-bodied, food-friendly red that could pass for a rosé of a pronounced aromatic intensity and stand up to braised, savoury elegant meats.

On the nose, fruit and flowers — light, like fresh cherry blossoms, that translate to sharp, tart sour cherry and stewed strawberry on the palate, with a faint taste and crunch of almond to finish.

This was the fourth course from my evening at The Heather, a six-seat chef counter in Hamilton and she was paired with a fresh, lamb leg tartare, wild blueberries and the crunch of rice puffs. A sip of wine to prime your palate, preparing to tenderize the lamb, another to savour — delicioso.

The Wine Alberese Rosso Toscano, 2019 produced by Fattoria di Sammontana

The Night Thursday, August 13th, 2020

The Pairing Lamb-leg tartare with wild blueberries and rice pouffes

THE HEATHER is matty cowan’s little six seat chef’s counter. DINNER is wednesday to saturday with one seating an evening at 7:30. THE MENU is a seasonally inspired tasting menu. RESERVATIONS can be made by following the link in the menu above. THE ADDRESS is 357 barton st e in hamilton ontario



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