Kitchen Symphony

Hey chefs, I’ve got one simple question for you.

Amanda Horn
Nov 14, 2020

I thought that it was a simple question and expected simple answers. What is your favourite sound in the kitchen?

I should not have been surprised, given you chefs are a self-reflective, introspective bunch that can translate memories, emotions and experiences into deliciousness. With each Instagram DM I sent, I knew that this was bigger than my small weekly blog post to fulfil my food writing course’s participation requirement. The unsung heroes of hospitality were hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic and these responses were genuine cries for the moment you longed for — to cook for us all again.

When was the last time you stopped to tune into the tick, tick, pfooom of the gas stove igniting? The chit machine spitting out a new order or the clang of a knife and fork meeting at the base of a plate signalling a satisfied patron. These are the compelling responses that I cannot wait to continue to collect and share.

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